Congress Looking Into LBJ

Congressional panel discussion LBJ Hospital


Our Congresswoman Aumua Amata is taking a strong stand on matters relating to LBJ Hospital.  She wants to know why we are not spending all the money the Federal Government is making available through the Medicaid program.  She also wants Congress to evaluate feasibility of building a new facility and staffing it with true professionals.  This news report by Talanei tells the story pretty well.

You can also see more on the Congresswoman's website by clicking here.

It is time for the people to be heard and this site is a good place to speak out.  Please comment.



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Dr. Jim Marrone


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Inadequate Healthcare Funding for AS Residents

It's been a few weeks since I wrote an op.-ed. letter to regarding the shameful state of healthcare funding in American Samoa.  Comments from the public were disappointingly limited.

It is my firm conviction that until and unless the general population demands more information and answers from their officials (whether those officials be elected or appointed), very little if anything will likely change.

Perhaps people will feel more comfortable commenting here on these matters, or on the linked Facebook page?  Please see the article link below.  The time for watchful waiting has long passed, folks...  If Healthcare in AS were a patient, this patient would already be in critical condition in the ICU!