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We are here to help, not simply to be a nuisance.  Our mission is to expose problems and offer solutions, wherever possible.  We ask that anyone reading the entries on this site get involved and offer your suggestions.  The blog is for authorized users only.  To become an authorized user, please register below.

This needs to be said:  You can get involved by speaking out on this blog.  However, we cannot allow anonymous or improperly identified posts to this site.  Posts will be actively moderated and removed if determined to be offensive, inappropriate, or simply detrimental to the goal of raising the level of discourse regarding these critical concerns.  This is without a doubt very serious business, and there is no place here for foolish dialog or unsupported claims.  If you wish to participate, you will need to register, using your real name and a picture.  Registration is very simple and, unlike in the case of mainstream social media, your personal data will not be intentionally shared, used for advertising, nor sold to anyone else.


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Anyone out there?

Can't wait for this to get going.  So many questions...  Anyone else out there??