Advocates for Change at LBJ Tropical Medical Center

Dogs and chickens abound on these premises
This is American Samoa's only full service medical facility

A diverse group of medical professionals and citizens with extensive experience and personal ties in American Samoa are gravely concerned about the appalling state of healthcare delivery at the LBJ Tropical Medical Center.

Within this group, dedicated to improving the delivery of healthcare services for the people of American Samoa, we will employ all necessary efforts to accomplish this end, including the use of mass media outlets in various modalities. We will also contact those entities, both local and Federal, who are responsible for funding the provision of healthcare in American Samoa.  Additionally we will not forget to include those Agencies charged with the oversight of this funding.  Finally, we will take on the role of whistleblower to bring this deplorable situation to the attention of our entire nation, as well as the outside world.

Many things can happen, even in a small community such as American Samoa, that can impact healthcare elsewhere.  One immediate example is the current lack of control of the Zika Virus, not to mention the serious challenges faced in diagnosing and treating it.  It is well known that Zika is present in American Samoa.  It is also well known that mosquitos are essentially omnipresent there, and it appears as though very little is being done to control them.

Zika is only the most current public health crisis however.  There are numerous others, such as Dengue Fever, Chikungunya and Leptospirosis.  There is also a huge burden of illness involving non-communicable diseases in the Territory, such as Diabetes and Morbid Obesity.  We will additionally be discussing these, as well as many other public health issues among these pages, since their treatment and complications normally require heavy use of the Medical Center.  Due to the fact that control and prevention of these types of public health issues generally fall under the purview of the local Department of Health (DOH), you will also find many references to the DOH throughout this website.


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Dr James Marrone LTE in Samoa News

I totally commend Dr James Marrone for sharing his analysis from his professional experience regarding the current situation with our healthcare and how we will continue down the slippery slope path with people who we have in leadership position who do not appreciate or use the knowledge, skill and abilities of people like Marrone to achieve the maximum benefit of using the EHR Meaningful Use for obtain funds from CMS, after meeting the obligation of our local match. Please, if I could get a contact email for Dr James Marrone. I wish I had the chance to brainstorm with him when he was here in American Samoa.

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Hello, andrasamoa.  There are

Hello, andrasamoa.  There are indeed many ongoing problems with healthcare in AS, and my op-ed. letter to Samoanews focused primarily on healthcare funding (as those concerns were recently featured in meetings before a committee of the US Congress).  But hardly anyone outside of those small government-type circles seemed to even react at all!  And unfortunately, that was not a great surprise, as I have noticed over time that the people most affected by the serious and chronic limitations and inadequacies within the healthcare "system" in AS (the residents and usual patients, I mean!) just do not seem to openly respond, at least not in large and/or loud enough numbers.  I hope that more public discussions/debates on possible solutions in forums like this one will help to stimulate effective and permanent change for the better in AS.  So please spread the word, and I am sure that this online community will appreciate hearing your thoughts and ideas on these issues.