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Well, hoping to spark some conversation and at the same time get some answers posted…

As we know, in the past several years we have lost many valuable staff, some leaving by choice ( had enough, disgusted) and others via un-renewed contracts. ;The decision to not renew the contracts has been due to ” high salary “, kept very low profile. I would like to know what are these high salaries?
What are the salaries of the current CMO, CMO assistant, CFO, and CEO?

If we have saved all these salaries ( no one was replaced), where is the money? We are still short on supplies, staff, space, etc etc.

How much more can we lose and still function?

The docs at over worked, tired, and fear we may lose more if they have a place to go…

One patient report today arriving at the clinic at 8 am where she had an appointment and did not get seen until 3 pm. Are we back full circle to poor service again all because of some administrative. _________________(fill in the blank, cannot find the words)